Frequently asked questions

What is the success fee?
StartupRoulette is free to join. We do charge a success fee of €2.500 (excl. VAT) if you raise funding within one year from an investor you met via our introduction. If you raised an amount below €100.000 (e.g. from an angel investor), we’ll only charge a 1% success fee.

Do I have 1:1 speeddates?
Yes, all speeddates are 1:1 (so no other audience). Of course, you can bring co-founders or investor colleagues to join the call.

When can I join?
StartupRoulette is for companies that want to raise funding within one year. However, if you are pre-revenue or have just a little bit of revenue (€5k/month is our typical threshold) we most often think you are too early to join. There are always exceptions to this, such as for hightech/deeptech companies or founders with a strong entrepreneurial track record.

How do you matchmake?
The matchmaking is done by actual humans. We first examine the company to see if it has high growth potential. For the selected companies, we take into account a lot of information, including current traction, tech domain, business model, funding need and geography. We exclude investors you’re already in touch with. We know the sweet spots of investors and use feedback (from startups and investors) after each edition to improve our matchmaking.

What investors are participating?
Mostly investors that are active in the Netherlands (although they could be based abroad). We have a lot of VCs, angels, impact investors and corporate VCs. We only invite equity investors (no banks, subsidies, revenue-based finance, etc.). For investors it’s free to join.

How should I follow up on the conversations?
If you have a good conversation, please follow-up yourself. 20 minutes go by fast, so you probably only scratched the surface. Exchange contact details during the speeddate, or ask us to (re)connect you.